Monthly Roundup: March

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Spring is coming! The last few months I have published numerous articles and reviews, and tinkered with various projects.

Writing projects

I managed to publish no less than six articles in VIRUS #106. My personal highlight is the article “Horror Hoaxes”, where I revisit parts of my scholarly monograph The Supernatural Media Virus and look at some aspects of it from a fresh perspective. In addition to this eight-page article, I wrote five reviews of current films and series available via Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Rahel Schmitz, VIRUS, Bonn

Three of my reviews have been published at, each about one short story collection: The science fiction magazine EXODUS #43, the inaugural issue of the fantasy story zine Alraune and the anthology Urban Fantasy Going Queer.

My contribution to the essay collection on cultural reflections between H. P. Lovecraft and Germany is now complete. Together with my co-editors, I am currently compiling the full manuscript and actively writing the introduction.

Other projects

After a long time, I finally have the opportunity to get back to my passion of pen and paper roleplaying. Currently, a couple of cthulhoid adventures are on their way.

Additionally, I am in the process of conceptualizing my next episode for the podcast Stay Forever. However, I can’t reveal any more details at this point…


I am particularly pleased to announce that I will be more extensively involved in editorial and organizational tasks concerning VIRUS magazine. Currently, I am actively looking for authors who would like to write well-researched articles on the subject of horror. I’m not looking for reviews so much; rather the emphasis should be on extensive, captivating, and informative features. If you are interested, feel free to contact me!

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