On this website you will find everything about me, my career, current projects, publications, and news.

I was fascinated by the world of horror already as a small child. Since then I can’t imagine my life without the genre. There’s hardly a moment when I’m not outlining an essay, researching for an article, or planning any new projects. Those rare moments when I am doing none of these things are usually time spent reading.

  • Monthly Roundup: November
    Besides numerous business trips (Oldenburg, Vienna, and Sigmaringen), I used the last two months mainly to sort out my numerous writing and research projects. I also discovered the video game Phasmophobia.
  • Monthly Roundup: September
    I have not posted anything here in a long while, since I was stuck in the worst moving stress. But that’s over for the time being: No closet is assembled yet, but as we all know, it’s most comfortable to live on packed boxes. There is a lot to report from the past two months. Let’s take a look at what’s been going on.
  • Help, I’m an Author!
    I can now officially call myself the author of my own book! My monograph “The Supernatural Media Virus: Virus Anxiety in Gothic Fiction Since 1990” has been published by transcript. With its publication, my doctorate is officially complete.

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