Clients, Projects & Activities

I am always looking for new projects to get creative. Below you will find a short overview of the things and institutions I am currently involved in.


I have been working freelance for the special interest publisher raptor publishing since December 2016. I primarily write articles for the horror magazine VIRUS and edit texts for special publications as well as the gaming magazine EXP.

My work at raptor publishing mainly includes the following tasks:

  • Editorial work for VIRUS (writing reviews, interviews, and features)
  • Proofreading
  • Conception of new major publications
  • Conception, coordination, and maintenance of VIRUS‘ social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram)

Stay Forever

Every now and then I host an episode on the German gaming podcast Stay Forever. Those episodes focus on the lore and worldbuilding of large franchises (e.g., Star Wars).

My work mainly includes the following tasks:

  • Finding expert guests for each topic
  • Planning and conceptualizing the discussion
  • Recording the episodes

Deutsche Lovecraft Gesellschaft

Since September 2019, I have been actively supporting the Deutsche Lovecraft Gesellschaft e.V. (dLG, “German Lovecraft Society”) and actively contribute to various projects. As an association facilitating art and culture, the dLG has set itself the goal of critically engaging with the life and work of H. P. Lovecraft. To this end, the association seeks international exchange with other instuttions, organizes various events, publishes materials and books on the topic of Lovecraft, and even issues its own roleplaying system.

My voluntary work in the dLG mainly includes the following tasks:

dLG, Projects
  • Chairwoman
  • Support of the team “Literature”: Maintenance of the Cthulhu-Wiki, planning major projects (e.g., book publications), organizing writing contests, and other activities
  • Support of the team “Lovecrafter“: Editorial work for the association’s magazine Lovecrafter, advertizing and marketing strategies


The German Lovecraft Society launched its very own podcast in July 2022. I will be one of the regular appearances on dLG-Radio, talking about pretty much everything pertaining to Lovecraft, cosmic horror, and of course the society itself.

Logo des Podcasts "dLG-Radio" mit dem Schriftzug "Der Podcast der Deutschen Lovecraft Gesellschaft e.V."


The website Zauberwelten-Online publishes reviews, interviews, features, and similar blog articles about fantasy, science fiction, and pop culture. I have been contributing my ideas and texts to this platform since summer 2020.

My voluntary work for Zauberwelten-Online mainly includes the following tasks:

  • Writing reviews for the columns “Literature” and “Games”
  • Conception, coordination, and maintenance of the platform’s Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Supporting the editorial team
Zauberwelten, Projects