Monthly Roundup: January

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It has been quiet around me those last months. Besides the usual end-of-year stress, this was especially due to the fact that my father passed away in mid December. I took some time for myself and put several of my projects on hold for the time being. Nevertheless, not everything has come to a complete halt. So here is a quick update at the beginning of 2022.

Writing Projects


In January, issue #105 of VIRUS magazine was published, including several of my articles. Printed in the issue is an eight-page feature on occasion of the 40th anniversary of Philip K. Dick’s death, a two-page feature on radios in the horror genre belonging to the “Haunted Technology” section I created a while back, and a review of the second season of Netflix’ Locke and Key.

No less than five of my reviews appeared at Zauberwelten-Online:

Here is the complete list of my publications.

Other Projects

And apart from all that? In my spare time, I continue to play my way through the Resident Evil game series. Currently, I am piloting Leon through Ramon Salazar’s Spanish castle (Resident Evil 4). When I’m not gaming, I’m either immersed in the sunny world of the murder mystery series Death in Paradise or reading Tananarive Due’s The Good House.

The edited volume on H. P. Lovecraft is coming along great. My writing work is finished for the time being until I finally get to work on an introduction for the anthology with my co-editors. The essays from our contributors have trickled in, and we are currently in the process of structuring this delightfully heterogeneous volume.


As always, several reviews for Zauberwelten and articles for VIRUS are already underway. Besides numerous reviews of horror, science fiction, and fantasy works, I am currently penning a feature on horror hoaxes – purely fictional stories that were believed to be true by their audience – as well as an additional entry in the “Haunted Technology” section.

For those of you who understand German, you can expect a little surprise in February. While I cannot reveal any details at this point, this much I can say: There will be something for the ears again!

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