“Game Studies Among Us”-Event

Game Studies, JLU Giessen, Among Us

The AG Game Studies (Justus Liebig University Giessen) will host a game night next month. We will first play a few rounds of Among Us and then discuss some of the basic game studies concepts. What is a game mechanic, what does the term “interface” mean? How can we analyze and interpret a game? To what extent can we apply narrative theories to a video game, and can we even call such games “interactive”? Anyone involved in game studies quickly realizes that while many concepts from other disciplines (literary studies; film and media studies; etc.) can be used to approach and understand games, they must always be adapted and reshaped to their subject matter. Ultimately, they all reach their limits: video games are an independent thing and as such need their own theories and concepts. The planned game evening will therefore also focus on which new approaches and methods this interdisciplinary and still quite new scientific discipline has to offer. In short, are Game Studies a “crewmate” or an “impostor” in academia?

The event is open to students, researchers, teachers, and anyone interested in getting a first look at the field of Game Studies and the projects of the AG Game Studies. The event will take place on June 18, 2021 via Discord and will probably be held in English. More information about the game night as well as the AG Game Studies is available here.

Among Us is quite similar to the party game Mafia/Werewolf and is played online with a group. All players control one character each and have to perform various tasks as crewmates. However, one person is an impostor and instead tries to sabotage the others’ tasks and eliminate all other players without being detected. The game is available for a small price through Steam or even for free via Google Play Store or App Store.

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