Lectures & Talks

Conference presentations

Schmitz, Rahel Sixta (2019). “Being In/Out of Control: Playing the Hero-Villain in Prey (2017)”. Villains! Constructing Narratives of Evil (Justus Liebig University Giessen).

Schmitz, Rahel Sixta (2018). “‘The Horror! The Horror!’ Eine kleine Einleitung zum Thema Horror”. Opening lecture. Fear the Game: Horror, Störung, Game Design (Justus Liebig University Giessen).

Schmitz, Rahel Sixta (2018). “The ‘Network Apocalypse’ in 21st-Century Weird Fiction: Narratives of Interconnectedness, Cosmic Indifferentism, and the End of Mankind”. Literature and Literary Studies in the 21st Century: Cultural Concerns – Concepts – Case Studies (Justus Liebig University Giessen).

Schmitz, Rahel Sixta (2017). “Mapping Digital Dis-Ease: Representations of Movement and Technology in Jim Sonzero’s Pulse and Stephen King’s Cell“. Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference (StokerCon, Long Beach, CA).

Schmitz, Rahel Sixta (2016). “‘Here Be Monsters:’ Locating Gothic Terrors in the Contemporary (Trans-)Media Landscape”. HERMES Symposium: Contemporary Perspectives on Media and Genre Interactions (KU Leuven, Belgium).

Schmitz, Rahel Sixta (2016). “‘This Lonely and Primitive Place:’ The Function of the Representation of Eastern Europe in Le Fanu’s Novella ‘Carmilla’ and the Web Series Carmilla“. Haunted Europe: Continental Connections in English-Language Gothic Writing, Film and New Media (Leiden Universiteit, Netherlands).


“Die Welt von Vampire“. Stay Forever. Host: Rahel Sixta Schmitz. Gast: Mháire Stritter. 23. Januar 2023.

“Jahresrückblick 2022”. dLG-Radio. 15. Januar 2023.

“A Year in Horror Special – Das Jahr 2022”. Filmtoast. 22. Dezember 2022.

“Weihnachten mit den Nerds 2022”. Nerdwelten. 16.12.2022.

“Lovecrafter im Gespräch”. dLG-Radio. 15.12.2022.

“A Year in Horror – Das Jahr 2002”. Filmtoast. Hosts: Patrick Krämer & Daniel Flege. Guest: Rahel Sixta Schmitz. 17.11.2022.

“Horrorspiele der 80er”. Nerdwelten. Host: Hardy Heßdörfer. Guest: Rahel Sixta Schmitz. 28.10.2022.

“Cyberpunk und der Cthulhu-Mythos”. dLG-Radio. 15.10.2022.

“Die Welt von Mittelerde”. Stay Forever. Host: Rahel Sixta Schmitz. Gäste: Max Kirchgäßner / Tobias M. Eckrich. 30.09.2022.

“Die Welt von Pokémon“. Stay Forever. Host: Rahel Schmitz. Guest: Dominik Seiler. 17.08.2022.

“Aus dem Verein über den Verein”. dLG-Radio. 15.07.2022.

“Pilotfolge”. dLG-Radio. 15.07.2022.

Eternal Darkness” (SSF 52). Stay Forever. 12.06.2022. (Contains a short interlude by me on the subject of “cosmic horror”).

“Wo wir stehen April 2022”. Stay Forever. 12.05.2022.

“Die Welt von Star Wars“. Stay Forever. Host: Rahel Schmitz. Guest: Kevin Arnold. 21.05.2022.

“HPLCP Transmissions”. H. P. Lovecast Podcast. Ep.6. Hosts: Michele Brittany & Nicholas Diak. Guests: Farah Rose Smith, Rahel Sixta Schmitz, Kevin Wetmore. 30.09.2021.

“Die Welt von Lovecraft”. Stay Forever. Host: Gunnar Lott. Guest: Rahel Schmitz. 16.05.2021.